1. Superfast internet isn’t always available! “But this is 2017!”, customers will exclaim with frustration. Yes, and unfortunately I don’t have Rosie the Robot cleaning my house or a flying car yet either. However, the good news is you are a quick email to sales@telecomquotes.com away from knowing exactly what’s available (at what price) for your new office. And even better news? We almost always can figure out an option…

1.5. Sometimes, you’ll be able to get multiple, fast internet connections that can be “tied” together to give you more redundancy and better performance. It’s inexpensive and can be ALMOST as good as a dedicated internet connection. This can be done through SD-Wan.

2. Unbelievable but true fact: It will take longer than you think to turn on/off services like electrical/gas/internet/water (i.e., please plan accordingly). Consumer grade internet connections (like FIOS/Cable modem for up to 15 users) can take up to 2 weeks to install. It’s not unusual for commercial grade connections, such as dedicated fiber to take 90 days or LONGER due to construction. Even if it’s just flipping a switch, there is a long line of people who want the switch flipped.

3. Keeping your phone numbers is an option. With today’s VOIP technology, it’s unusual to not be able to keep your phone numbers, (even if your old phone company says you can’t–you probably can).

Please, involve us or your technology partners EARLY in your move plans. Many pains can be avoided with a bit of conversation and a whole lot less “assuming” when moving.