Getting hacked stinks and is expensive, ask HBO, Target or me (click here to read my personal experience!)

Here are 9 ideas you can use right now to reduce your odds of getting hacked:

1. Antivirus
Yes, you still need it and it needs to be updated automatically (even with Apple computers!). Hackers are constantly creating new and amazing ways to cause havoc, a good antivirus program stops this.

2. Firewall
A managed firewall (yes, it will have a monthly fee) can minimize damage controlling communications in and out of your network blocking unauthorized access. Think of a firewall as the outside security guard of your network, with antivirus being internal security for your computer.

3. Operating System Updates
Yes, they are that important, because even the best antivirus and firewall can’t fix a broken windows machine. Many hackers exploit older operating systems.

4. Backup your data
Data is a lot like brushing your teeth, only backup the data and brush the teeth you care about. Data recovery can be very expensive and is not always possible so be sure to backup your data.

5. Control physical access to your devices
Buy the kids their own iPad or computer instead of using your work devices. “Uh Oh” isn’t something you ever want to hear at your business… right?!

6. Train your employees in basic security awareness
Many “phishing” scams (tricking someone into revealing important data) prey upon decent people who just don’t know better. Invest in some training, it won’t cost much and encourage your people “if they see something not right, say something”. It’s better to be a little embarrassed than cause a security breach.

7. Create a mobility device policy and plan
The County of San Bernardino vs. Apple lawsuit could have been avoided if the County had just implemented the services they were already paying for.

8. Secure your WI-FI network
With commercial grade equipment, you can increase the overall security of your network. To increase wifi security, even more, have it on a physically separate network from your business network. If possible, avoid WI-FI altogether.

9. Limit employee access to files and information
Not everyone has building keys nor should they have access to all company information. There are many tools that allow you to set who has permission to see and edit important files.

And if you’d like, TQI can help or recommend ideas for all of these ideas!