3 Things You Must Learn When You Work From Home

Everyone dreams and fantasizes about being able to work from their home, even if only as a part-time escape from the office. Sleeping in every day, living in your sweatpants, taking three-hour lunches… Ah, the life! Well friend, slam on the brakes! Because while that is how your friends who ‘work for the man’ […]

How To Spot Malicious Email

Guest Post By: Derek Anderson of Biztek Solutions

I have received two emails this week from different senders that I have never met. Both were cleverly worded to deceive me into clicking on a malicious link that would launch code and infect my computer. Luckily, I didn’t click on the link as both emails were […]

Tis The Season To Buy Cellular Service

The Christmas season is typically the best time to get a “deal” on mobile phones, but here are a few lumps of coal to watch out for.

The number one mistake people make when switching a mobile phone provider is trying to buy based on the “advertised” price.
That price is rarely what you end up […]

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Email Plugins That Make You More Productive

If you’re like us your business is all email, all the time as we receive hundreds of emails a day (sometimes more). Here are some of the best Gmail plugins we use. (and some even work in Office 365!)

Sanebox– (Gmail/Office 365) $12 monthly
This is MAGIC for our email boxes and saves us at least […]

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Business Intelligence and How it Affects Businesses

Having data is great, but unless we understand it, what good is it? That is where business intelligence comes in. BI isn’t just for large corporations, it can be used for small-medium sized companies and it’s changing the way those companies make decisions.

Intelligence analysts have been trying to make data clear and understandable so […]

The Good and The Bad of Video Conferencing

Traveling is expensive but your business has to run! And when you have offices or branches across the country (dare I say… world!) you need solutions that don’t require the burden and expense of travel.

Technology is our friend, and rapidly growing in a way that helps facilitate connection and makes it easier than ever. […]

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    5 Ways To Make Remote Employees Feel Like A Part Of The Team

5 Ways To Make Remote Employees Feel Like A Part Of The Team

Working from home is not uncommon now. With technology, wifi, smart phones and the myriad of options, it makes sense to outsource parts of your business. One of the downsides can be a loss of camaraderie. Luckily, there are ways to help bridge that gap and have your virtual staff feel like a part […]

How To Setup A Mobile Friendly Conference Call

If you’re like me, you’d be perfectly happy if conference calls went the way of the dodo or at least were on the highly endangered list (instead of the honey bee).
However, like death and taxes, we seem to be stuck with these events. If you have to attend several of these events a week from […]

Internets Down Again?

It’s happened to all of us, the internet is down or just “feels slow”. Customer service says “oh everything looks great from our side, you should just reboot…” which you’ve already done 3 times and it’s still slow. Or my personal favorite, it’s 8am Monday morning, the internet is down and you start the […]

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SD-Wan Explained In Games We Played As Kids

SD-Wan is a complex technology that can often be very difficult to understand, but here at TQI we think technology should be simple to understand.

“Hide and Go Seek”
Remember counting to 25 with your eyes closed (but your ears WIDE open) and the last 15 seconds were counted much faster than the first 10? That’s what […]

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