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9 Ways To Reduce Your Odds Of Getting Hacked

Getting hacked stinks and is expensive, ask HBO, Target or me (click here to read my personal experience!)

Here are 9 ideas you can use right now to reduce your odds of getting hacked:

1. Antivirus
Yes, you still need it and it needs to be updated automatically (even with Apple computers!). Hackers are constantly creating new […]

How To Speed Up Office 365

Office 365 is a fantastic product that allows you to work from anywhere, with your data “safe as houses”, in Microsoft’s Azure (cloud computing network). The problem is your data has to go from here to there, quickly, on the internet, which like “rush hour” traffic, can be a problem.

Before we jump into to […]

3 Things To Consider When Opening A New Office

1. Superfast internet isn’t always available! “But this is 2017!”, customers will exclaim with frustration. Yes, and unfortunately I don’t have Rosie the Robot cleaning my house or a flying car yet either. However, the good news is you are a quick email to away from knowing exactly what’s available (at what price) […]

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    Communications Overload – 5 Ways Unified Communications Can Help

Communications Overload – 5 Ways Unified Communications Can Help

1. Video:
In our office, video calls are the rule, not the exception. We’ve found meetings are shorter with video and more engaged–no one is interrupting or talking over each other, as is common with audio-only conference calls.
1.5 With these video chats, we often do ‘show and tell’ by sharing our screen. This allows everyone […]

Office 365 vs G Suite

Full disclosure, I’m writing this blog in G Suite…however we’re still a blended family seeing as some of our people prefer to use MS Office for their day to day needs. It seems this isn’t unusual either! According to Okta’s Business@Work 2016 Report, over 40% of its customers use Google Apps AND Office […]

3 Reasons You Should Care About Internet Monitoring

1. Slow connection—perception or problem?

“It’s slow”…what does that really mean? Candidly, it means something different to everyone, but more importantly where is the real problem? Circuit monitoring can easily identify if and where problems spots exist, compressing time for IT professionals.

2. […]

The Basics of SD-WAN

SD-WAN, or software defined wide area network, is a specific application method of software defined network applied to WAN connections. SD-WAN allows companies to build higher performing WANs. They do this by using lower cost internet, allowing businesses to replace some (or all) of their costly private WAN connection technologies.

WANs are great at taking […]

The Power Of Business Analytics

“That’s a horse of a different color!”
-The Wizard of Oz when presented with new information…

Business intelligence can be used in a variety of ways, including staffing decisions.

For example, we had a client that “knew” they didn’t get many phone calls on Friday, “It just doesn’t seem that busy”, they told us.
By […]

Unified Communication and Collaboration

If you need a software that combines the various methods for conference calls (i.e., audio, video, text, virtual whiteboards) then you need Unified Communications and Collaborations, or UCC. If you need to communicate with an audience, especially where engagement and interaction are encouraged, UCC will help this go smoothly. You will want to make […]

How Cloud Computing Could Change Your Business

At one point the cloud was just some mysterious thing everyone talked about it was a trend. But that is no longer true. It is now the reality.

The cloud is an important consideration and could alter your company. So how could cloud benefit and change your business?

Firstly we should keep in my mind, the […]

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