Office 365 is a fantastic product that allows you to work from anywhere, with your data “safe as houses”, in Microsoft’s Azure (cloud computing network). The problem is your data has to go from here to there, quickly, on the internet, which like “rush hour” traffic, can be a problem.

Before we jump into to some solutions to speed up your Office 365 performance let’s assume a few things:

1. Your computer is working fantastic, plenty of memory, no viruses, etc.

2. Your internet connection is fast and your network is in tip top shape.

If those two things are in order and your Office 365 is still slow you should consider that Office 365 is a best-effort product. It’s like lunch at an all you can eat buffet you’ll get fed, but it might not be very good. Even if your network is perfect and your internet is fast, almost everything is “cloud” today, so all your applications are competing for the same bandwidth.

Here a couple solutions:

1. For 50+ users on one site, Microsoft’s Express Route is a great option. This will do several important things, but the two most important are:

  •  A guaranteed amount of bandwidth to Microsoft’s data centers, fast, “no line” performance
  •  Additional security because your connection is on a private network to Microsoft, not on the “open internet”.


2. For sites with less than 50 users on one site or multiple sites, WAN Optimization is a great option. Suppliers like Aryaka will automatically prioritize your Office 365 traffic over their private network, from your office to Microsoft’s data centers, creating a “fast lane”, increasing performance up to 3x faster, with analytics to show you before and after real world performance. Zero Outages and Velocloud, can do something similar with the “public” internet, automatically routing Office 365 over the best path (like the “Waze” app for does for LA traffic). This does require multiple internet connections, but they can be less expensive “shared” connections like FIOS or a cable modem.

In conclusion, if your Office 365 performance just isn’t what it should be, we’ve got options and we’d be happy to talk to you about it.